1402, 2018

Important: Hail Damage Claims

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Depending on how your policy is written, most hail damage claims have a lower or zero deductible, since hail fallout is considered an Act of God (comprehensive claim). Hail damage is usually pervasive, hitting every panel on your car, which means costs always run more than your deductible. How hail claims are handled once you leave

1402, 2018

How to Best Maintain Your Vehicle’s Newly Painted Surfaces

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Recommendations and precautions for the first 30 days: What to do: Wash vehicle by hand with cool water and a very mild car wash using a soft cloth or sponge. Always use clean fresh water. Wash vehicle in the shade. What NOT to do: Do not drive through a commercial car wash! Stiff brushes or

1403, 2017

“What Should I Do?” When You Have Been in an Automobile Collision

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1. First and foremost, make sure you and all passengers are okay and do not require medical attention. 2. Turn on emergency flashers and stay as far off of the roadway as possible. 3. Contact local authorities. 4. Take photos, if possible. 5. Exchange insurance and contact information with other party involved. (Always a MUST)

2507, 2016

Data Shows: More Strict Driving Laws Make Us Safer

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The singer Sammy Hagar once sang in complaint “I Can’t Drive 55,” an ode to the tortoises that cars became when the speed limit was lowered to 55 mph in 1974 as a provision of the Federal Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act. It was hoped that driver safety would be enhanced by lowering speeds. Now comes

1804, 2016

Mobile Game Teaches Car Safety Technology

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A new mobile game is on the app market that attempts to answer a question many drivers have today: “My car does what?” The game, Dashboard Blitz, helps educate players about the beeps, flashing icons and technologies that are common in many of today’s cars. If you’ve ever wondered how to turn off that lit