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July 25, 2023

maserati pensacola

Being a Maserati Pensacola owner places you in a distinct group of individuals who value its elegance, luxury, and performance. A Maserati isn’t just a car; it’s an investment that necessitates regular attention. Should your prized possession ever face an accident, it’s essential to choose the right repair shop. Trust Gross & Son Paint & Body Shop, a recognized Maserati Collision Repair Center, to provide comprehensive Maserati Pensacola repair solutions, from basic fixes to intricate overhauls, all while using OEM Genuine Maserati auto parts.

Maserati Pensacola Accident Repair

Any type of body damage to your Maserati necessitates a measured response. From a simple scratch or dent to frame straightening, this work should never be left to just any body shop.

By choosing Gross & Son Paint & Body Shop in Pensacola, you’ve made the right choice and for the following reasons.

Serving Pensacola and Beyond

The Gross & Son Paint & Body Shop serves the entire Florida panhandle from its Pensacola shop. Customers come from all over the Sunshine State as well as from Mississippi and Alabama. Proximity is one important aspect for Maserati owners.

Certified by Maserati

To be recognized as a Maserati Collision Repair Center, shops are obligated to utilize exclusively genuine Maserati parts, installed by Maserati-certified technicians. This ensures that only the most skilled and seasoned technicians are eligible, and they must undertake intensive training to satisfy the manufacturer’s stringent standards.

Certified Maserati Tooling and Equipment

Only with the use of Certified Maserati Tooling and Equipment can a body shop be considered competent to handle your Maserati. The Super Rotax, a forefront scissor lift crafted for sophisticated repairs, stands out as a pivotal tool. This advanced equipment precisely positions the impacted vehicle, empowering a certified technician to carry out meticulous straightening restorations and guaranteeing top-notch repair quality. We employ Super Rotax for our most detailed collision tasks.

General Maintenance Covered

You might currently require body work. After all, Florida is known for its hailstorms, and even minor hail damage shouldn’t be overlooked. Further, why not familiarize yourself with Maserati Pensacola service by entrusting us with your regular maintenance? Our range of services includes wheel alignments and balancing, brake servicing, as well as steering and suspension system upkeep. Notably, this workshop collaborates directly with the manufacturer, ensuring adherence to their protocols and performing warranty-related tasks.

How to Initiate Contact

Reach out to our shop via our online form or give us a direct call. A specialist will be on hand to assist you through the entire process. It’s crucial to follow the steps from post-collision to the final repairs.

Step No. 1 – Notify Your Insurer

After your accident, inform your insurance company. They’ll dispatch a claims adjuster to assess the damage on your vehicle at your location. This will result in an estimate. If your car is deemed a “total loss,” you should get a payment reflecting its actual cash value. If, however, the Maserati is deemed fixable, you’ll be provided with a repair estimate and suggestions for body shops. Remember, you aren’t obligated to choose from the body shops recommended by your insurer.

Step No. 2 — Ask for an Estimate

Prior to any work done on your vehicle, it is important to obtain an independent estimate. You can bring your car to our Maserati Pensacola facility, or we will come to you. Please note that we charge a $35 service fee within 10 miles of the shop. That fee is waived should you choose us to do the work.

Step No. 3 – Transport Your Maserati to Our Shop

If you’re satisfied with our estimate, the next step is to bring your Maserati to our body shop. You also have the option to have us flatbed tow your car to our shop, whether it is drivable or not. We’ll schedule the repair and supply a timeframe for when we expect the work will be done. If there is a discrepancy between what the insurance company will pay and our cost, we’ll work on your behalf to remedy the difference with your insurer. In any case, you’ll be kept in the loop the entire time your vehicle is with us.

Step No. 4 – Accomplish the Job

Based on the required repairs, we’ll conduct a detailed examination to pinpoint all damages. We start with frame and structural repairs, then proceed to body and mechanical fixes. This procedure encompasses refinishing the vehicle and substituting any worn-out parts with authentic Maserati components. Before concluding our tasks, we ensure your Maserati looks showroom new. Upon completion, we’ll touch base with you to discuss the work and the warranty. Our goal is your complete satisfaction before you reclaim your car. Additionally, we offer delivery of your Maserati to your location.

Maserati Pensacola Service

At Gross & Son Paint & Body Shop, we do our part to make you whole following an accident. We will accomplish that work within the prescribed timeframe. Importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind that your Maserati is in capable hands and that the finished work aligns perfectly with your expectations.