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September 6, 2023

tesla repair shop

As a trailblazing electric vehicle maker, Tesla continues to lead the industry with products known for their impressive range and reliability. Maintaining your electric vehicle in prime condition is key to ensuring its longevity. Relying on the expertise of a certified Tesla repair shop is crucial to this effort.

Repair Time: Who Are You Going to Call?

Accidents occur, and the primary concern for any vehicle owner is to have the necessary repairs completed. After contacting the police, your next call should be to your insurance agent. The agent will listen to your account of the incident and quickly dispatch a claims adjuster to assess your vehicle, review your policy, and examine the police report. In addition to assisting with potential medical bills, the adjuster will estimate the cost of repairing your Tesla.

The initial cost estimate may not necessarily cover the full extent of your vehicle’s repairs. This is something that will be determined by certified technicians once your vehicle is assessed at the body shop. For instance, if you bring your vehicle to Gross & Son Paint and Body Shop, a Tesla-certified repair shop in Pensacola, FL, the shop will collaborate with your insurance company to ensure you’re fully compensated. In other words, the shop will advocate for any additional collision repair needs that may be identified during the evaluation.

Tesla or Third-Party Collision Shops?

Tesla has a limited number of in-house repair shops and primarily relies on third-party collision centers for repairs. These external shops, which are trained and certified by Tesla to use their specific tools, handle both service and structural repairs. For instance, there isn’t a Tesla-owned facility within a two-hour drive of Pensacola, FL, underscoring the company’s preference to collaborate with established local centers, known specifically as certified Tesla repair shops.

Finding a Certified Tesla Repair Shop

When looking into the services provided by a collision center, take note of Tesla’s terminology for categorizing these body shops. Specifically, there are three options to keep in mind:

Tesla Approved Collision Centers

Collision centers that are independently owned and operated, equipped with Tesla-specified training and tools, are capable of handling both minor collision work and comprehensive structural repairs.

Tesla Preferred Collision Centers

Tesla Preferred Collision Centers stand out due to their top-tier customer satisfaction ratings among Tesla Approved Collision Centers. Additionally, these shops offer some of the most competitive rates for Tesla insurance customers. However, whether a shop is labeled “approved” or “certified” does not influence the quality of the work performed.

Other Collision Centers

Can you take your Tesla to any body shop for repairs? Yes, but there’s a significant stipulation: these shops must utilize Tesla parts and are limited to minor collision work. They aren’t certified for structural repairs, so for such needs, you’ll have to opt for one of the two primary choices.

Getting the Repairs Done

Indeed, it is important to choose a certified Tesla repair shop for your Tesla. Keep in mind that a body shop like Gross & Sons of Pensacola, FL, uses only genuine Tesla parts, installed by Tesla-certified technicians. Their comprehensive services range from bumper and fender repairs to fixing dents and scratches, as well as more intricate tasks like frame straightening.

Gross & Sons uses certified Tesla-specific tools, including the SuperRotax, a custom scissor lift designed to expedite repairs. The SuperRotax ensures the vehicle is perfectly positioned for technicians, guaranteeing optimal repair results, particularly for detailed frame straightening. Technicians position the damaged Tesla on this lift, elevating it to an ideal height for repairs. With a capacity of 7,700 pounds, the SuperRotax can accommodate all Tesla models. This insurer-approved method minimizes vehicle downtime, ensuring a swift return to the road. We value your time and aim to reduce delays.

For Tesla repairs, you can bring your car to our facility or inquire about our unique Tesla Valet Service, which offers flatbed tow truck transportation for your vehicle. This service is particularly beneficial if you’re located far away or if your Tesla isn’t in a drivable condition.

Other Tesla-Authorized Repair Work

Most Tesla owners will not require significant structural repairs for their electric vehicles. However, routine maintenance is essential, and Gross & Sons can assist with that as well. We offer services such as battery system diagnostics, glass repair and windshield replacement, tire rotation and balancing, and replacement of HEPA and cabin air filters. Additionally, we provide brake service tests and air conditioning service, all in accordance with Tesla’s recommended maintenance guidelines.

Certified Tesla Repair Shop in Pensacola, FL.

To recap, only a certified Tesla repair shop is authorized to handle important structural repairs. In the Florida panhandle, Pensacola-based Gross & Sons Paint & Body has been restoring vehicles since 1947. We’re a veteran-owned business serving customers throughout the Sunshine State as well as Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Contact us today for your repair and service needs.