Know the Facts

  • First and foremost, it is your choice to choose which auto body shop you want to take your vehicle. How do I choose a shop? Reputation, quality and certifications.
  • Estimates are just that—an educated guess. When we estimate the cost of repairs, it is not a final bill, only a ballpark figure to give you a general idea of the expense. Any further items needed to complete the repair are presented to the insurance company once your car has been disassembled.
  • Until each separate damaged part of the car is removed and inspected, the final cost of the repair cannot be completely calculated.
  • Anybody promising a price on repairs is deceiving you. No one can see all the likely hidden costs until the damaged portion of the car is taken apart.
  • We pledge that we will do a better job and deliver your car quicker than any other local repair shop.
  • In Florida, under state law, you are entitled to a written estimate from the auto repair company if your final bill will exceed $100.
  • Your insurance company may ask if your car is drivable. Your car may be operable, but is it safe to drive? If you feel uneasy driving your car, don’t drive it! And make sure you tell that to the insurance company.
  • Most major insurance companies warranty for auto repair is nationwide, but the best warranty always lies from a reputable body shop, like Gross and Son.
  • When you are involved in an accident, the value of your vehicle declines. Most insurance companies will pay you an amount for diminished value. Upon request, we will work with you to maximize the compensation you should be entitled to for diminished value.
  • Gross & Son Paint & Body Shop accepts all major insurance companies.

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