A new mobile game is on the app market that attempts to answer a question many drivers have today: “My car does what?”

The game, Dashboard Blitz, helps educate players about the beeps, flashing icons and technologies that are common in many of today’s cars. If you’ve ever wondered how to turn off that lit icon telling you you need an oil change, you know what we mean.

Free and available for iOS and Android devices, the game’s players work at a virtual auto expo booth where they answer customers’ questions about crash prevention technologies like blind-spot monitors and back-up cameras. The game is a part of the MyCarDoesWhat campaign, created by the National Safety Council and the University of Iowa, to educate about current and upcoming car safety technologies. The game’s ‘visitors’ can try out simulators with the latest in car safety technology.

Objectives of Dashboard Blitz include: Selecting safety features that meet a customer’s needs; progressing through 30 levels to gain points and unlock upgrades—from mechanic helpers to rocket-powered roller skates—and battling the clock while answering as many customer questions as possible.

• Greet a visitor entering your expo space and ask what problem they’re having.
• See a clip of their driving mishap and pick the safety feature that could help.
• Drag the visitor to the simulator with that safety feature so they can try it.
• Find out if the safety feature matched—then score points or answer a follow-up.
• Reset the car for the next customer.

At the end of each level, you’ll see your score, how many questions you got right, and how many visitors you helped. Play again for a better score to get more upgrades and continue playing to see what other safety features your customers can try out.

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